Health & Safety

RBRB Construction Ltd’s executive management is fully committed to implementing and maintaining a work environment that is safe and friendly for all.

Our safety program is driven by several key factors, the foremost is attitude and team work. In order to be part of the RBRB team, one must be willing to accept responsibility for their safety as well as the safety of those around them.

For this very reason, the company continues  to reinforce and develop techniques to provide our employees new insight on safe work practices.

Another important factor of employee safety is pre-planning for the jobsite. The necessity of being proactive is a mandatory aspect of the safety culture at RBRB Construction  Ltd. We have a safety professional within the organization who’s main task is to plan every project thoroughly to prevent any accident. The project team hosts pre-construction meetings with subcontractors, vendors and suppliers so as to study operating methods and items of concern that are addressed and resolved before they result in a less than desirable outcome. 

In order to maintain our commitment to a safe work environment the project team performs jobsite audits to verify compliance with OSHA safety regulations and client expectations. Project audits are a key component of the safety process at RBRB Construction Ltd.

On any construction site the environment and project team conditions change constantly therefore, our project team maintains a strong focus on jobsite conditions and hazard recognition.

Project meetings and constant communication are another important aspect of the safety process. The RBRB Construction  Ltd Team holds weekly progress meetings and uses this forum to address ongoing safety issues and project expectations. The company recognizes that the safety process is an ongoing responsibility that must be addressed regularly.


The RBRB team is proud to have maintained an experience modification rating well below the industry average for over 10 years. It is our goal that each and every employee goes home safe and healthy at the end of the day.

We’re committed to it.